The Most Scenic Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland, located in central Europe, has some of nature’s most beautiful scenery, reliefs, and a pleasant climate. It tops it off with a mix of cultures, luxury watches, big banks and sweet chocolate delicacies. However, there is more to the country, which will get you planning your next vacation here.

Here is a list of the most scenic places in Switzerland that you should consider visiting.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a beautiful, crescent-shaped body of water that is overlooked by the apps and connects Switzerland to France. Switzerland is famed for its mountains and lakes. There are over 1500 lakes in the tiny land mass and each is beautiful in its own way.

However, Lake Geneva stands out for its location. It gives you a fascinating view of the Alps and provides a natural mirror, which reflects the peaks of the mountains. Its fresh water is unusually clear. A tour of the waters will give you a chance to view nice vineyards, mediaeval castles and tall spruces, all scattered across the slopes of the Alps. You can also sunbathe here.


Zurich appears several times in the list of the world’s most liveable cities. It is located at the northern edge of the eponymous lake. The lake provides a mirror-like reflection of the large city, while the snow-covered Alps provide the backdrop. This city is very scenic and cool.

The city has tens of tourist attractions, interesting things to do, more than 50 museums, boutiques, art galleries and a vibrant nightlife that will keep you on your toes during your visit. In addition, if you love architecture, there are centuries-old buildings strewn across the city, featuring flowerpots and fresco paintings. Some of the most famous of them are St. Peter’s Cathedral with its large clocks and much of the Old Town.

Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park is well-known for its breathtaking Alpine scenery. It is even part of the worldwide UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This is the only national park in the country, located in eastern Switzerland at the foot of the Western Rhaetia Alps. The green reserve boasts over 80 kilometres of winding trails, amazing scenery and wildlife that will mesmerise you.


Visit the scenic Swiss Alpine village that is famous for its belle époque hotels and timber chalets. It is located in the Bernese Oberland region, which is known for the stunning greenery and fairytale-like perfection with which traditional timber chalets cling to the valleys.

This village has moved into a car-free area where you get to enjoy a traditional feel with an upscale collection of the famous belle époque hotels. During winter, this town attracts skiers thanks to its amazing skiing inclines and several fun activities.

Chateau de Chillon

Get romantic at Switzerland’s most beautiful castle, right on the shores of Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is beautiful in its own right, but if you want to crank up your imagination, visit the castle right on the banks of the water body. It is located on a rock island and provides breathtaking views all around.

The castle has been around for over a thousand years and it is remarkably well-preserved. In fact, it has inspired such writers as Lord Byrod and Jeans-Jacques Rosseau.


If you love the mediaeval feel, view and architecture, visit Bern, a historical city that has already earned UNESCO recognition. While most Swiss cities are lovely, Bern stands out because it has preserved its mediaeval architecture. It is the capital of Switzerland, but the smallest one in Europe.

Walk through the streets like a knight heading back from a war or a lady heading to the marketplace. It is relaxed, compact and less fast-paced than the rest of the cities. Some of the scenes you can expect in the city include covered arcades, cobbled streets, whimsical fountains, fantastic urban swimming, world-class galleries, and traditional architecture that is augmented by rolling hills and the outstanding glacial Aare River.

These are just some of the most outstanding, scenic places that you can visit in Switzerland. The country has dozens more that will leave you stunned. As many locals say, get enough time to explore as many areas as possible or plan various visits to different parts of the country for a fantastic experience.

Written by Bernard de Laguiche