Charities in Belgium That Are Accepting Donations

Charities are formed for a specific cause, usually to improve the welfare of the vulnerable in society or push authorities to fast-track specific changes in legislation. Belgium is home to several charities, some of which serve local interests and others that serve international causes.

These charities get funding from donations from well-wishers, whether corporate or individual. In Belgium, many of them are currently accepting donations. Bernard de Laguiche provides a list of the most popular ones and the causes they stand for.

United Fund for Belgium

United Fund for Belgium is a non-profit organisation in the country that assists people in need with financial projects that other charity associations undertake in the country. It has been in operation for about 50 years, collecting donations from organisations and individuals and redistributing them to local charities. The main cause is to improve social integration by investing in programmes with a direct impact on the beneficiaries.

Its main areas include the disabled, children’s welfare, protecting the vulnerable and poverty reduction. You can be part of this worthy cause by visiting its page, donating once, or becoming a recurring donor. This association also has a few treats and products you can buy on its website to support its cause.

Kickstart Kids

Kickstart Kid is an international charitable organisation that works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in Africa, especially in Kenya, through sustainable development. The organisation helps parents get started in business, enhances access to quality healthcare, protects the vulnerable and enables the poor to access education.

The non-profit organization’s UK branch accepts donations from Belgians through an agreement with the King Baudouin Foundation. This means that the donation can be reflected in the yearly tax returns. Visit the website to learn more about the donation process and the bank accounts to which you can send funds.

Community Help Service

Community Help Service is a health-oriented international non-profit organisation that focuses on mental health. It even has a mental health services centre in Brussels where an international team of therapists provides assistance for several mental health issues. There is also a free helpline that is available around the clock to help children and youth who are facing mental health issues.

You can be part of this worthwhile cause by donating to the organisation or enrolling as a volunteer in the administrative section of CHS. Visit the website to find out how you can participate in either of the two opportunities.

Serve the City

Serve the City is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation that invests in caring for the people in need. Some of the projects it undertakes include helping those that seek asylum, helping the poor access basic needs and healthcare and assisting in times of emergencies. It also gives gifts and treats to those in need during the festive season.

The organisation primarily functions from the donations it receives from well-wishers and organizations. You can be a part of the initiative by visiting the official page for more information. Donations of at least $40 are tax deductible on your yearly returns.


Care is an organisation that assists those that have been afflicted by war, natural disasters and pandemics. It operates in multiple countries around the world. Right now, it is helping with humanitarian efforts in Ukraine in collaboration with other organisations with the same cause.

It accepts donations from Belgians to help provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and other vulnerable groups around the globe. You can make donations of any amount through the organization’s website.


NASCI is a non-profit organisation for children based in Brussels. Its mission is to assist socially vulnerable mothers and children by offering them protection and support. It works with the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) and the Brussels Common Community Commission (GGC) to meet its goal. The organisation offers a route through which the target group can seek assistance on any matters regarding children, rights and monetary aid.

You can be part of the movement by donating through their webpage.

There are many more charitable organisations in the country where you can donate your money. Just ensure that you are donating to a registered entity with verifiable contact information and projects. In addition, check if you are eligible for tax deductions from your donations, especially if you plan to donate regularly.

Written by Bernard de Laguiche