Agriculture In Brazil

Agriculture is largely practised in Brazil these days. Brazil is one of the few countries that practice agriculture on a large scale perspective. Agriculture plays a big part in Brazil’s economy as well as in other countries. In agriculture, different countries major in different crops depending on the weather and type of soil they have in specific countries. Brazil in particular was not doing well in agriculture in the past years as much as it was depending on agriculture in the economy. Nevertheless, Brazil has risen in the past years and it’s now one of the largest agriculture sectors.

What Is Brazil Known For Growing?

Brazil is commonly known for soybean, maize, sugarcane, and rice which cover a very large section of the country. At first in the early 90s, Brazil was only focusing on one or two commodities due to the climate and lack of resources. But as the years have passed Brazil has transformed into a largely agricultural county making other developed countries envy them. Since they used to import most of their food or commodities from foreign countries. But are now one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee. 

Other than that Brazil also produces oranges, soybeans, corn, cotton sugar, soybean products, meat, and ethanol. What made Agriculture transform positively in Brazil was industrialization and technology. In industrialization, when the country builds more industries in the cities or near the cities. Famers benefited positively because they now had a market for their products and this made them increase their production. Also constructing proper roads where one can transport her product, farmers increased their production since they had the funds to help them progress. 

The government also build storage facilities which also helped in agricultural growth. The government took the initiative to educate society on the importance of farming and how can do it perfectly. There is also the time the fertilizers were introduced to help in places where the climate didn’t favour them. There was also the introduction of improved seeds to areas of lower latitudes. Using the technology, agrochemicals were manufactured to help in different ways. With all these improved ways of agriculture, the production of different crops improved and was encouraging. Brazil has also livestock farming which also is widely done in some areas. 

Even though their water is mostly salty, they still fish in the improved water bases. Other domestic animals such as cows and chickens are also kept in agricultural areas. The climate is favourable for these domestic animals hence they can produce as much as possible making it easier for the farmer. We also have the forests that give the timber industry materials to manufacture. The government encourages people to plant trees to help with climate change. Which plays a big role in the weather changes that can affect agriculture positively or negatively.

How Has Agriculture Helped Brazil’s Economy?

Agriculture in Brazil has helped the growth of the economy not only in Brazil but worldwide. Increasing the number of exports help Brazil’s economy since they were selling commodities to different countries. Also, it raised the living standards of many citizens as many of them got employment in the agricultural industries or farms. During the exports and imports, foreigners come and invest in the country leading to economic growth as they use and circulate the country’s money. Apart from that agriculture helps in the building of infrastructures such as roads, warehouses, transporting vehicles, and other equipment. 

Due to the domestic use of local production, roads are constructed to transport the commodities from rural to urban areas. These roads are essential in the agricultural sector since without roads the commodities can’t reach the market. Agriculture helps largely in the food production for the country and not only in Brazil but worldwide. These will help in reducing the cost of living since the products are produced and manufactured locally. The government benefits as it decides on the market price of the commodities or products.

As much as agriculture improves the economy, it also has its side effects. If one country has more agricultural land, it means the urban areas are small thus reducing the city’s size.

As Bernard De Laguiche said always strive for success. Brazil has succeeded in agriculture from when it was introduced till now when they are competing with other more developed countries.

Written by Bernard de Laguiche